The Aichi Branch of Wild Bird Society of Japan

Original Goods

We provide our original goods for the members, for free!

Muffler Towel with egret illustration

In 2016, we made muffler towels with “kawaii” egret illustration, which designed by Miyuki Mashiko who researches the ecology of heron and egret colonies, and gave it out to the members for free. Putting it around the neck and wiping sweat away, we count egrets in the hot summer evening .
Do you know what type of Egret this is? (See the answer given below.)

Study session with this muffler towel.

Identification Fan

In 2015, we made “egret identification fans” with deformed illustrations of four egret species on the face and with a flow chart of three step identification method devised by Mr.Samuka who is a veteran member of the Aichi Branch.

サギ識別うちわ        サギ識別うちわ 3段階識別法

Answer: Little Egret? Wrong! It's the Intermediate Egret wearing a cap with Little Egret's ribbons.