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Flying Egret Identification is Fun

Identification of Egret species in fly is very difficult but very enjoyable. Why enjoyable? Because we identify and count the Egrets with the fellow members while eating snacks, chattering, jokingly discussing the species like, that is a Great Egret, no, that is an Intermediate, no, that must be a Little Egret... We have fellow members, Egrets, and a sense of satisfaction for joining the survey. This set of element, not exist in usual birdwatching events, is the attractiveness of the Egret Count.

Egret Identification Quiz

300x225  The above picture shows the study session for Egret identification before the Egret count. Here are part of the quizzes used for the identificastion session. Let's try! (See the answers given below.)

Q1. (Click to open)

Q2.(Click to open)

Q3. (Click to open)

Q4. (Click to open)



  • Q1:Intermediate Egret
  • Q2:Little Egret
  • Q3:Great White Egret
  • Q4:Cattle Egrets in winter plumage

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